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About us

Pharma Technology S.A. is a global leader in tablets and capsules handling equipments since 1993 and specializes in dedusting/polishing, metal detection, In-Process control (weight, thickness, diameter, and hardness) for pharmaceutical manufacturing line.

Due to a close and long-standing relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, Pharma Technology engineering has been developing complete tablets and capsules handling solutions tailored to each specific requirement to satisfy the demands of the for OSD pharmaceutical companies.

We provide a complete range of handling system for tablets and capsules, service on site as well as test rooms for customer's trials and Factory Acceptance Test.

In 2008, Pharma Technology S.A. launched the Pharma Flex model, which was a first Worldwide Première, consisting in a Hi-Tec polymer segmentable deduster for easier cleanability.

This new concept has revolutionned the tablet dedusting world proving more dedusting/deburring performence. In addition to providing equipment for a variety of tablet presses and capsule filling machinery, Pharma Technology has developed ancillary and connectivity systems.

Pharma Technology as developed own offices for sales & service in North America & in Asia.

Any machine, equipment or service provided by PTI in North America comes with available engineering and maintenance services to ensure successful factory integration and continued product performance. Over 5000 equipments are utilized by our customers all around the world !