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Tablets or capsules Euro Pallet Diverter “EPS”

Our Euro Pallet System enables to distribute into different containers the production on a counter basis or weighing basis.

Additional Description:

The distributor is highly flexible considering as well an interchangeable amount of maximum 10 containers to be filled in adjustment of tablet's & capsules's dropping height. The drum loading center has been developed as a standard, in a «Dust Tight» concept. The Euro Pallet System allows less contact from the operators inside the production room which reduces bi-cross contamination between operators and products. The U frame of the complete unit incorporates hydraulic cylinders for height adjustment. This holding system permits to have a free ground to position 1 or 2 pallets. A modification of the program can also permit to feed automatically and on regular basis an IPC testing equipment or a sampling collector for laboratory trials.


A 12 outlets version is available to fill more drums with small product size. OEL5 Hi-Containment versions, as well as washable WIP I WOL versions are available on request. Jam sensor is available.