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Easy Flexible FDA Connectivity system without Tri-Clamp “Flex Connect ™”

Flex Connect allows for a sanitary, quick and easy connection between process equipment. Its flexibility allows for misaligned equipment, thermal expansion, and vibration.

Additional Description:

This system can be used for tablet, capsules, or powder transfers. A patented design permits to avoid any product jam in the funnel. It connects non-aligned process equipment effortlessly.

The FDA approved silicone pipe withstands vibration between pipes and equipment.

Flex Connect product can be used in Hi-Containment and washable situation with additional quick release collars.

Flex Connect is often use to create a dust tight connectivity between two production machines, to easy assembly in dust tightness and washable metal detector, and can be used for in a tablet press between powder hopper and die feeder.


Flex Connect exists in many various formats: round to round, in various lengths as well as square to round, etc…