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The iSort is a new tablet sorting device designed to increase packaging line efficiency by separating broken from good products before entering the feeding system, and ensure operator safety.

Additional Description:

The iSort automatically detects and removes undersized tablets and product fragments that contaminate the feeding system, thereby avoiding jamming and costly downtime on the packaging line.
The sorting system is intended for use in combination with an upward conveying tablet deduster from Pharma Technology or Pharma Flex to elevate products to the feeding hopper through ultimate dedusting process.
Other uphill conveying systems are available.
Product characteristics are stored in a user-friendly HMI that adjust sorting process functionalities. Only one format part is needed to mechanically adapt the system to sort tablets of any size and shape. Utmost care has been taken to facilitate the assembly, dismantling and maintenance without the use of tools.

■ 100% sorting of broken tablets (up to 75% of the full length)
■ Increase blister line efficiency due to reduced amount of stops
■ Sort up to 500.000 large tablets
■ Patented automatic anti jaming system on the sorting table
■ Sort all types of tablets
■ Final dedusting before entering the blister machine
■ Reduce dust emission in the packaging area
■ «DT» Dust-tight and «C» OEB3 versions
■ Fast change over due to pre-set motorized product adjustment, and only one format part