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Deduster/Polisher with Metal Check & 4 parameters IPC Tablets Tester

Hi-Tec polymer tablet deduster with Metal detector & 4-Parameters tablet tester


The iSeries is an innovative machine including sophisticated engineering that affords unparalleled flexibility while meeting superior standards for output and quality of dedusting, metal detection, and Hi-precision In Process Control tester for measuring physical parameter of the product (accuracy: weight +/-0,1 mg, thickness +/-0,1 mm, hardness +/-1 N, diameter +/- 0,1 mm).

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Hi-Tec stainless steel vertical segmentable Deduster with Metal detector & 4-Parameters tablet tester


The iSeries PTC vertical Hi-Speed 316L stainless steel deduster/deburrer has been developed to achieve the highest possible flexibility, in conjunction with superior figures for output and quality of dedusting. This highly efficient machine is always equipped with a Metal check, and can integrate IPC tablet control 4 parameters tester (Weight-ThicknessĀ­-Hardness-Diameter)

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