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Horizontal Brush Polisher (PTG)

The PTG dedusters/polisher is a brush deduster for capsules and tablets.

Additional Description:

A polyamide/nylon rotative screw without end achieves a polishing in a 316L stainless steel tube. On the overall uphill conveying length suction stitchings allows powder excess to be removed. This ascending device with adjustable length from 800 mm to 1800 mm can be equipped with a removal system for empty or opened capsules. A latest development called PTGR allows to cool capsules filled with warm liquids. All product contact parts are easily dismountable without tooling, and cleanable with ultrasonic bath.

Product features

Products to process Tablets / Capsules
Dedusting technology Horizontal rotating brush (Up to 28° slope)
Air jet No
Deburring option Yes
Conveyor material FDA polyamide / Nylon screw
Capacity / Speed High
Micro tablets Diam 2,5 mm Not available
Small Tablets Diam. 5 mm Up to 1.000.000.-Tabs/h
Medium Tablets Diam. 13 mm Up to 300.000.-Tabs/h
Effervescent Tablets Diam. 20 mm Not available
Small capsules T4 Up to 300.000.Caps/h
Large capsules T0 Up to 250.000.-Caps/h
Interfacing / Connectivity
Inlet Height
Low Line 580 mm
Standard Line 740 mm
High Line Not available
Available elevation heights 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm
Metal check Optional: See PTGV
Diverter -
Tester Not available
Operator Exposur Level Not available
Noise level Low emision Max. 72db(A)
GMP compliance Yes
CE compliance Yes
Cleaning and Dismantling
Manual cleaning Easy access for cleaning / No tools required
Automatic cleaning Not available


Various types of brushes are available for tablets and capsules. Vertical version of this unit combined with metal detector and empty capsules eliminator is available (See PTGV product page)