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External Lubrication System

Pharma Spray

A unique external lubrication system that sprays dry lubricant continuously onto tablet press punch tips and die walls, Pharma Spray delivers a consistent, verifiable amount of dry lubricant onto the tablet outer surface over time. Excess lubricant is eliminated by vacuum suction directly on the spray nozzle, then collected in a double bag discharge system.

Additional Description:

Pharma Spray helps reducing the amount of dry lubricant in the compression blend whilst applying an optimized amount of lubricant to the upper punch face, die wall and lower punch face. Excess lubricant is directly vacuumed, next to the nozzle, allowing for consistent amounts of lubricant to be applied to tablets throughout a lengthy batch and from one batch to another. The amount applied can therefore be validated.

For existing hygroscopic or effervescent formulations the system helps reducing the die wall friction at the ejection stage, the lower punch face friction at the take off stage and helps prevent logo picking or stickiness issues. This provides the added benefit of reducing wear on and extending life of tooling and ejection cams.

For new formulations, the system helps eliminate the need for dry lubricant in the blend, thus eliminating an extra step in the manufacturing process and greatly enhancing the solubility of the tablet. This solubility enhancement has been in great demand for new drugs that often have poorly soluble APIs (esp. with biotech drugs). The minimal quantity of lubricant sprayed externally onto the tablets can be accurately measured and validated as below the threshold for listing as an ingredient in the formulation under US Pharmacopiea requirements.