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Washable Stainless Steel segmentable Hi-Tec Deduster/Deburrer with Metal Detector “PT iSeries Hi-Containment Washable”

Pharma Technology PT iSeries dedusting technologies are available in Hi-Containment and Washable WIP (Washing In Place) or WOL (Washing Off Line) execution .

Additional Description:

In addition to the OEL 5 containment performance, the new Hi-Containment Washing In Place solutions permits the washing up of the equipment at the end of the production batch.

Different systems are offered as Washing In Line with the tablets press or Washing Off Line in a separated washing room.

This concept will guarantee that all volatile dust is removed before the dismantling of the equipment.

At the conception, an utmost care has been taken to simplify the design permitting to reduce the amount of parts to be assembled /disassembled and no tooling is required.

Only one connection for water in feed and one for waste is requested .

The unit is likely equipped with a metal particles detector . Three different detectors are available per customer's choice: Lock, Ceia, Safeline .

As metal particles detectors are sensitive to vibrations , the vibrating parts of the deduster are isolated from the steady parts by our Flex Connect components (See Flex Connect product page) .

This allows reaching an optimal accuracy such as a spherical 316L stainless steel part of 0,4mm in the products.

A high speed rejection mechanism instantly rejects non-conform products.

The construction of this special frame saves space into the production room and reduces the retention areas. All wiring and piping are fully integrated in the machine frame.

Product features

Products to process Tablets / Capsules
Dedusting technology Vertical uphill with air jet
Air jet Yes
Deburring option Yes
Conveyor material FDA Hi-tec Stainless Steel spiral segment
Capacity / Speed High
Micro tablets Diam 2,5 mm Up to 5.000.000.-Tabs/h
Small Tablets Diam. 5 mm Up to 3.000.000.-Tabs/h
Medium Tablets Diam. 13 mm Up to 600.000.Tabs/h
Effervescent Tablets Diam. 20 mm Up to 200.000.Tabs/h
Small capsules T4 Up to 750.000.-Tabs/h
Large capsules T0 Up to 300.000.-Caps/h
Interfacing / Connectivity
Inlet Height
Low Line
Standard Line 610mm to 1000mm
High Line Not available
Available elevation heights 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1250 / 1500 mm
Metal check Lock - Ceia
Diverter 2 ways - 4 ways - Euro Pallet - Circular
Tester 4 parameters Weight-Tickness-Hardness-Diameter
Operator Exposur Level OEL 5
Noise level Low emision Max. 72db(A)
GMP compliance Yes
CE compliance Yes
Cleaning and Dismantling
Manual cleaning Easy access for cleaning / No tools required
Automatic cleaning Optional skid for Washing In Place or Washing Of Line


Washable optional tablets diverter permits to switch from one bin to the other without operator's action. Hi-Containment valves can be installed to allow safe disconnection of the equipments. Our Clip & Cut easy disconnection system allow single disconnection between the equipment at the end of the batch or sampling during production (See Clip & Cut product page).