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Segmentable Hi-Tec polymer Deduster/Deburrer with Metal Check Weight/Thickness tablet Tester > PFC 1000 LI D4 IPC 4 iSeries DT

Our PFC - iSeries IPC have the capability to integrate a 4-parameters tablet Tester that allows to take automatically samples from your production and to monitor continuously weight and thickness.

Additional Description:

The results of the testing can be used to regulate your tablet press in a OEM configuration. The “stand-Alone” version allows to monitor simpler or older tablet press that do not have the loop of regulation and may benefit from stand-alone Tester allowing to generate alarms in case of product specifications violation and create automatically quality batch report. This system offers an excellent price/efficient ratio. Pharmacopea standard are included in the product catalogue book. Software is written following CFR 21 part 11 guidance including several users level and password protection. Data can be collected on an USB stick in an unviolable manner. Frame pre-equipped for:

  • Diverter
  • Sampling
  • Test samplers inserters
  • Auto-check for metal checker
  • Hardness and weighing IPC terster
  • High containment
  • Washing In Place / Washing Off Line

Product Information

Title PFC 1000 LI D4 IPC 4 iSeries DT
Assembly Number 417 003 14

Product features

Products to process tablets / effervescents
Dedusting technology Vibrating Ascending Spiral
Air jet No
Deburring option No
Conveyor material FDA Hi-Tec polymer
Capacity / Speed
Micro tablets <Ø3.5mm N/A
Micro tables >Ø3.5mm 18000000
Small Tablets Ø8x3mm 3000000
Medium Tablets Ø13x4mm 600000
Large oblong tablets 21x10x7mm 320000
Effervescent Tablets Ø20x5mm 150000
Small capsules T4 N/A
Large capsules T0 N/A
Interfacing / Connectivity
Interlacing type Low Line
Inlet Height 773 mm
Elevation Height 1085 mm
Outlet Height 1116 mm
Total Height 1922 mm
Metal check LOCK Insight - Head aperture : Ø70mm
Intrinsic sensibility SS 316L : 0,50mm
Ferro : 0,30mm
Non ferro : 0,35mm
Diverter No
Empty capsule eliminator No
Tester Yes
Operator Exposure Level Dust-Tight "DT"
Noise level in dB(A) <65
GMP compliance Yes
CE compliance Yes
Cleaning and Dismantling
Manual cleaning Yes
Automatic cleaning No
Maximum cleaning temperature 85°C